Divorced Dad Cooking: Categorize your way to quick and nutritious meals

“As a divorced dad you probably fall on the cooking spectrum somewhere between the mastery of Gordon Ramsey and the guy that the fire department knows by first name.”

Food. Apparently we need to give our kids some when they are with us. If your crew is like my crew, then they would be happy eating out every night. And if your wallet is like my wallet, then eating out every night, although easier, would make other purchases, like toilet paper and heat, prohibitive.  Continue reading “Divorced Dad Cooking: Categorize your way to quick and nutritious meals”

No Sex for You!

Last night my oldest, my 17 year old son, asked me if he could sleep downstairs.

Context: Since Christmas Eve, when her parents left for a trip to China, my son’s girlfriend has been staying with us. She has been sleeping on the futon in the living room.

With the teenager’s hopeful question, Divorced Dad’s brain went on full alert, “Ummmmm…why?” I stammered. Continue reading “No Sex for You!”

Typos and dating are so metal!

Another divorced friend on FB this Christmas Day:
I’ve listened to way more metal this Christmas than one can wrap their head around.

Divorced Dad:
I just turned off King Diamond to sit in front of the fire.

FB friend:
I was listening to Mercyful Date (<— typo) this morning.

Divorced Dad:
I’ve had a few of those…mercyful dates that is.

Dating for the first time after 20 years…mercy mercy me.

Of tattoos and boots

My 41st birthday is tomorrow. The day after Christmas. Last year, for my 40th, I got my first tattoo to celebrate both middle-age and my impending divorce.10613027_10205456722157927_1393508166223171513_n
Today, with my kids at their mother’s, I started this blog. Tomorrow I plan on going back to the mall with my daughter (12) to exchange the pair of boots that I got her for Christmas. I hate malls. I love my daughter. Continue reading “Of tattoos and boots”