Dad Jokes: Music and Marriage

Berlioz_Petit_BNF_Gallica-cropOn our way to a college piano audition my son began telling me about a particularly large piece of music. He described the Symphonie fantastique by Hector Berlioz, which was composed in 1830. It is about an hour in length and is written for 90 instruments.

My son told me that Berlioz had written the piece to impress an Irish actress, Harriet Smithson, who he had seen perform as Ophelia, but had never met. Eventually his love letters and her realization that the music was composed for her led to their meeting and a marriage. It was a marriage filled with conflict, and they ultimately divorced after a few years.

After he was done with his story I told my son the very important moral of the story:

“Women should be very careful about marrying a guy with a big piece.”

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